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The Nigerian Stock Exchange X-Gen News Alert - Capital Hotel Plc

LAGOS, Nigeria, April 21, 2017/APO/ --

Company Name: Capital Hotel Plc 
Company Symbol: CAPHOTEL
[CAPHOTEL]>> Company Report
Capital Hotels Plc

Audited Financial Statements for Year Ended December 31, 2016 
December 2016 December 2015
N'000 N'000

Revenue: 5,372,395 4,692,986 
Cost of Sales: (3,781,166) (3,450,148)
Profit before Tax: 1,762,874 670,119
Taxation: (488,425) (177,859)
Profit after Tax: 1,274,450 492,260
EPS (Kobo): 82.29 31.78

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